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A planted Discus tank can add to the beauty of the Discus alone. The Discus like soft, acid water, at high temperatures and plants can be hard to find when it comes to those water qualities in a Discus tank. Also, some people say that Discus like dimly lit tanks, which is not true. So, using a flourecent light that comes with your tank may be suitabe fior your plants, but it may not. If your plants are making lush green, healthy looking leaves, then by all means dont change the light bulb, it seems to be working. Now, on the other hand, if your plants arent producing leaves or new growth, and the leaves are yellow, then you will need a specialty plant bulb sold almost anywhere. Try not to use any algae killing chemicals because, algae is a plant also, so it will kill your "good" plants. Lastly, try not to use any medications in the tank with your plants in it, the medicine will kill your fish as soon or maybe even before the disease you are trying to treat. So, either move the plants, or move the sick fish and do a water change in the tank. Below are some good plants to keep in Discus tanks. ( I have linked them to a good plant site which gives you alot of info on the plants in the charts provided there.)

Amazon Swordplant (echinodorus bleheri)

Rubin Swordplant (echinodorus rubin)

Giant Hygro (hygrophila corymbosa)

Eel Grass (vallisneria spiralis)

Anubias Nana  (anubias barteri var. nana)

Heart Leaf Waterchalice (cryptocoryne pontederiifolia)

Java Fern  (microsorum pteropus)

Java Moss  (vesiculara dubyana)

These two plants are more for decoration and in non covered aquariums. These are plants that float on top of the water and dim the tank, I personally do not like them, but if you like them, they are very easy to keep and grow really fast.

Salvinia (salvinia cucullata)

Frog Bit (limnobium laevigatum)