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Diseases with Discus can be very difficult to cure, or some can go away in a matter of days. No matter what, I hope you never will have to go through a bout of a disease in your tank. There are some Diseases in Discus that are un - curable, and it just makes them suffer and die. Most of the diseases that are infecting Discus can be prevented, and maybe even cured, by routine water changes, temperature, tankmates, and overfeeding. There is a fine line between overfeeding and filling them up. Overmedicating Discus is just as bad as not treating them and letting them die. Be sure to read the bottle and follow the directions. Here are some of the most common diseases in Discus and their cures.

-- Hexamita - Hole in the Head Disease --
Symptoms - White pus discharge on the head, craters on upper part of gills, white feces, hides in corners.
Treatment - 250mg of Flagyl per 10 gallons, 3 treatments, one every other day, and a 1/3 water change with every treatment

-- Gill Flukes --
Symptoms - Rapid gill movement, scratching on objects and twitching
Treatment - 2 -3 drops of Formaldehyde per gallon, 2 treatments, one every other day, and a 1/2 water change with every treatment

-- Tuberculosis - Internal Parasites --
Symptoms - Very thin and dark in color all the time, with white feces
Treatment - No treatment. Could kill off rest of tank, best to isolate.

-- Ich/Ick --
Symptoms - Powdery white spots all over the fish
Treatment - Raise temperature in tank and follow the directions on a box of Malchalite green.

-- Fin Rot --
Symptoms - White growth on edge of fins, frayed edges, and look shredded.
Treatment - Product by the name of Clout, works very well. Just follow the directions on the box